Sober Services

We offer 24 Hour Family Support and around the clock care to get you through this difficult time. Families suffer greatly when their loved one is affected by substance abuse and mental health issues. BigMood MSAG is here to help families go through the healing process by providing emotional support. We support the family in creating safe boundaries around their loved ones. We communicate with hospitals, mental health providers, and attorneys. We are here to handle all communication on the backend, so your family can focus on the healing process. Remember that there is hope; no matter what your loved one is going through, the experts at BigMood can help.






Mental health & sober advocacy

The mental health and addiction threat the world faces brings about challenges not only for the afflicted but it is torturous for the families involved. Our Mental Health & Sober Advocacy Group represents and advocates for both the family and the afflicted. Within this experience, getting the afflicted into a safe and stable environment has a lot of moving pieces. We support the family with intervention, transport, coaching and representation. We love this work! So to carry the load for the family and afflicted is our top objective. You are not alone. Your loved one is not alone. With BigMood MSAG, we journey through this process with you.



Let’s lovingly disrupt your loved ones destructive path! Addiction effects so many of us. We all know someone, but there are many of us who are trying to make a difference and help families and their loved ones turn the corner. We work with the families to set boundaries and hold them. We want to “raise the bottom” for your loved one. We say “raise the bottom” because only when we are “entirely ready” will we make the necessary changes to shift our lives to a different direction. We walk with you. You’re not alone. We’re here to do it with you.


Sober Companionship

The road to recovery can be lonely but a sober companion rides the wave with you or the afflicted loved one. Integration into a new lifestyle takes companionship. Relearning life skills, integrating into a sober community and around the clock support, provides a safe space to recover.



We do life in fellowship. A sober coach walks with you or the afflicted throughout the week, providing goal setting support, accountability and integration. This life isn’t done alone. A sober coach provides the day to day companionship to help you or the afflicted reach and maintain the new life they’d like to achieve.

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Sober Transport

With sober transportation, we make sure you or your loved one gets to and from their location with safety and security. Traveling may be a daunting task for the afflicted client but we provide the support needed to make a safe transition. From detox to treatment and treatment to housing, we support safe and healthy travel for the afflicted.

"We know that watching a loved one struggle with

drug addiction or mental illness is hard.


The BigMood Team, is strongly dedicated to families

afflicted with a loved one in these conditions,

and we are here to ease the pain and help you

through the healing process.


Our highly experienced and compassionate team gets results."

- Eric Rias - founder of BIG MOOD-M.H.S.A.