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The BigMood thing is about resources. Providing a service that can promote and encourage a culture of wellness. As a coach, I facilitate, but these practitioners truly heal. I believe these are some of the best healers in San Diego. With the right resources, there is always a solution. Whether it’s massage, movement systems, regenerative, naturopathic, or Chinese medicine,

I believe we can create a culture of healing.


Thank You,

Eric Rias

Christopher Brenner 

Sports Injuries and Pain Management

(858) 444-5835

Shawna Brandon

Deep connected bodywork for the mind and body

(503) 318-2974

Dr. Patrick Cucarola

Regenerative medicine and pain management

(619) 713-7411

Heather Fenwick

Acupuncture | Yoga | Herbology

(858) 880-8578

Dr. Carleigh Golighty, ND

Hormonal balance/replacement, gastrointestinal concerns, metabolic health, anxiety, and depression.

(760) 456-7501

Missy Bunch

Movement and Exercise Therapy Specialist

Nicholas Linn

Neuromuscular Fitness

619-495-2100 / 

Dr. Eric Bender, D.C.

Sports Chiropractic

(619) 269-9909

Najah A. Salaam

Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in mental health, geriatrics and food therapy.

(619) 723-6646

Kristen Dunsmore, MS
Strength Coach

Dr. Maddie Wallace

Specializes in family care, prenatal care and yoga therapy.

(619) 850-1524

Dr. Riley Smith LAc, DACM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine specializing in anxiety solutions for women and sports medicine.

(213) 373-1963




San Diego, CA

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