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What does that look like?


  • With weekly meetings, in person or via zoom, we stay accountable. We have to build relationship. That relationship needs trust and empathy. Shared experience brings us closer together. I want people to know that their experience is real. That is my approach. We build report.

  • To grow our lives, we need goals. After building a trusting relationship, we set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. That may be, finding a therapist (I’m usually only one component of a healthier life) Sometimes that finding potential job options and building a resume or building a fitness and healthy lifestyle program. It may also be staying accountable to a recovery plan, getting a sponsor or plugging into a recovery community.

  • It’s one thing set goals but it’s another thing to stay accountable to these goals. Accountability is the real value. We do the journey in fellowship. When there are missteps, relapse or regression, we re-evaluate, re-align and re-focus.


We go through this process with two principles:

Humility and personal responsibility


It takes humility to realize that the way one’s living isn’t working. It takes accountability to take suggestion and stay driven. It takes humility and resilience to fall short and to re-focus and dial in. Humility is a foundational principle in a healthier life.


We also take personal responsibility. We own our lives. Playing the victim is no longer acceptable. We all have baggage but what do we do next? What are our actions? We take ownership. We own our financial futures; our health and wellness lives and our recovery.


My Recovery and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Companionship takes men through the steps to get from the life they have to the life they want to live. One day at a time, one meeting at a time, one goal at a time. Staying grounded, humble and owning our lives.


Thank You!

The phrase I use is that “I help grow men’s lives.” What does that mean? A struggling man comes to a person like me, not living his highest potential. Not getting the grades he wants. Working a job, he doesn’t want or looking for the job he does want or trying to manage or achieve a sober life. With either scenario, life feels small. With my Recovery and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and Companionship, we grow that life.

Sober/Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (In-Person)


(12) Sessions - $1,200 ($100/hour) Save $600


Sober/Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (Online)


(12) Sessions- $1,080 ($90/hour) Save $300


Sober Companionship (24 hour)


$3,850/Week - Save $700





San Diego, CA

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