together we will make 

Leaps into the new you!

What does that look like?


  • Weekly zoom one-on-one coaching, we stay accountable, build relationship, trust and empathy. 

  • To transform your life, we need goals. We will set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. 

  • It’s one thing set goals but it’s another thing to stay accountable to these goals. Accountability is the real value. We do the journey in fellowship. When there are missteps, relapse or regression, we re-evaluate, re-align and re-focus.

begin to live the life

that has always been in your grasp.

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In my Transformational Mentorship Program, we will break down your vision, piece by piece, step by step, to get you where you deserve to be! Whether it be fitness, business, recovery or spirituality, we will change the trajectory of your life.  

We will take you from where you are, to where you deserve to be!