Transformation is the process of body, mind, and spirit! Let's complete the full transformative journey! From start to visionary awakening!


- 12 Weeks/ 12 Step Complete Transformational Action Plan: Foundation + Daily Manageability + Visionary Mindset

- Everything in 8 To Great plus take the Big Mood Transformation Test: Discover your assets and your "blind spots" that are preventing you

- 1 year access to "Home Workout Transformation Program"

- Set, prioritize, and execute (3) "Lifestyle Declarations"

- Explore the vision for your life with (3) lifestlye "Stretch Goals"

- Find what living authentically looks like to you

- Find your why and your why not

- Visualize what your life will be when and while actualizing your declarations

- Create tangible action steps to realize your vision and declaration

- Challenge and stretch your goals and limiting beliefs

- Up to (2) check-ins weekly for strategy and accountability

- "Testify your Transformation" 20 min. Video Podcast Feature on the "Hearts Over Everyhting Podcast"

90 Days Transformational Mentorship