I'm Fired Up!

Boom…I believe, I've made my coaching program well rounded, comprehensive and abundant. As I've said before, so much of my program has been built on the difficulties my personal training and coaching clients have faced over the years….⠀

I trained clients, in the gym, from 2013-2018 and have been able to watch some amazing transformations⠀

During that time, I cultivated the workouts, choose the training style, schedule and even picked the weight. All my client had to do was execute the movement⠀

For many, this is what it takes and I loved being that support for people. Often, this leads to a client training with me for months, even years…⠀

For my pockets, this is dope…⠀

But often, the client isn't being armed with the tools to maintain a healthier life on their own…⠀


The fitness industry is estimated to be a 100 BILLION dollar industry⠀

(Everyone knows 5 trainers in their life)⠀

But conversely, obesity rates are rising at a rapid pace…⠀

(The reason for this is nuanced, let me not oversimplify)⠀

Also, the rate of rebound people experience after an attempt at becoming heathier is staggering⠀

So, armed with this information, combined with my experience over the years, I theorize that where we can improve is GUIDANCE coupled with RESOURCES⠀

My approach is STILL to cultivate a training program, but to teach a man/women to fish⠀

For a period our time together, I continue to create a custom training program but also, guide a client through creating their OWN program and schedule, while they also learn the movements that support their specific goals⠀

All of my clients have access to a library of more than 55 movements (weighted, bodyweight, mobility, yoga poses) that first, I will teach them how to utilize, THEN, I will support them in creating their OWN programs. So, well after our time is done, they have the resources and experience to manage their results independently⠀

This is the portion of my program I'm the most excited by right now. One client suggested this in particular and its special when you see a project from inception to fruition ⠀

This isnt sexy lol⠀

But I think armed with INFORMATION and GUIDANCE we are capable of anything….⠀

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