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Boom! So each for the past couple weeks, I've been talking about the contents of my coaching program…⠀

There are so many "fitness/health coaching" programs out there…As I always say, this is a good thing-more solutions baby⠀

My approach is broad⠀

-Specified training programs based on training style that excites the client. Not every client wants to body build….In our time together, its our task to find the training style my clients are enthusiastic about and to nurture that. That means creating a training schedule that I sustainable⠀

There are also more than 60 training videos clients can utilize to cultivate their own workout to ensure sustainability when our time is done!⠀

-Accountability through a meditation and mindfulness practice- life is stressful. It only gets more stressful. Our job is to change the way WE interface with the world and change the way we cope with stress. I help people start that journey⠀

-One of my favorite and most unique aspects of my program is the journaling and navigation of emotional intellect. I want my clients to develop consciousness. That’s understanding where they reside in space in time. If things are working?Lets celebrate and acknowledge as to why. If we're having trouble? Lets understand why. We use journaling prompts to navigate this experience, really driving it home with proprioceptive feedback⠀

-Last but not least, the most important piece- The nutrition coaching⠀

We approach nutrition in sections- 4 weeks of MEAL by MEAL planning, with a measured menu. I write out what to eat, based on a clients individual preferences and eversions. I throw and alley opp. Lets get momentum. I take the guess work out…⠀

After 4 weeks of seeing how a plan is built, now the ball is in the clients hands. Week 4-12 I coach clients through understanding macronutrients, facilitating while a client learns the ins and outs of nutrition programing. The goal is understanding caloric value. What is 4oz of sweet potato worth in carbohydrates? In order to intuitively eat, we have to understand the basics. ⠀

In conclusion, this is all custom. For years, I tried to fit clients in a paradigm. A linear approache to nutrition-carbs fats and protein. As it is true that a balanced diet is the most sustainable way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not everyone wants to eat this way! Its my job to remain familiar in many dieting forms and eating styles- vegan, vegetarian, modified Atkins, ketogenic, gluten free…As the list goes, I learn, I teach…⠀

There, are endless coaching programs, but when choosing mine, we aim to always find a solution⠀

Working with the busiest of people- high level professional, business owners and parents- we need to take a well rounded approach⠀

It’s about mental and physical optimization!⠀

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