"BigMood is a movement dedicated to personal development!

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy life of

dignity, freedom and the pursuit of happiness."

- Eric Rias




My name is Eric Rias, I am a Queens, New York native, currently living in San Diego CA. I relocated to California to find my own recovery in 2013 and have maintained long term sobriety. Since then, I’ve been in the fitness and coaching industry as well as a recovery mentor my entire recovery. I focus on honest and open healing relationships, where we find common ground. My approach is one of personal responsibility, empathy and shared experience. I integrate physical and mental wellness in my process. Healing isn’t a luxury. We all deserve to pursue a healthier life. I love being a part of that process. My hobbies include reading, meditating and moving my body. My physical and mental wellness are keys to success.


I seek first to understand my client’s wellness goals and design evidenced-based, health and wellness programs with achievable targets. Humility and personal responsibility are my life principles and the underpinning of my work as a coach and advocate. I believe that most of us are striving to be our best selves and that honest self-appraisal and continued personal development pave the way toward achievement.


My challenging past has led to such a beautiful present and an exciting future. I love to watch people with a “small” or “limited” mindset, grow their lives and be authentically who they’d like to be. Every motivator says, “if I can do it, you can”, it may be cliche, but it rings true. You can do it and I love to be a part of it.


Licensed primary sports nutritionist, Fascial stretch therapist, Z-Health Certified Personal Trainer.

Hearts Over Everything is a podcast dedicated to progressive thought and discourse from diverse perspectives. Eric Rias, Travis Hogue, Jesse Sedeka and Benito Torres are 4 recovered addicts and alcoholics just navigating this life and sharing experience. We’re dedicated to forward thinking, long form discourse where we take the opportunity to touch on a variety of topics. In all, we’re just trying to be better people, we’re just doing it on a microphone.

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Do you want to improve your life but find it too hard to set-long term goals?


Do you want to increase your health, wealth, happiness, and overall sense of well-being?


Eric Rias, personal trainer and coach, has a viable solution that will help you achieve your goals.


This book offers a 90-day goal-setting program that allows you to make small goals and mark your daily progress.


In these pages, you’ll learn how to take short steps every morning and night that encourage you to pause and curb the subconscious programming that until now has been holding you back. Subconscious programming is what puts us on auto-pilot to do our daily activities without intention. By using the BigMood program, you will learn how to:


• Focus on your breathing and stay calm

Break through your barriers

• Track your emotional and cognitive patterns

Create your intention to live in a state of  compassion

• Set movement goals

• Nurture personal relationships

• Track your progress

Increase your sense of wellbeing as you watch    yourself succeed!


Join Eric Rias today and begin to live the life that has always been in your grasp.

Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

Big Mood Coaching program is a 90-day lifestyle over haul, approaching the nutritional, physically and mental blocks you may face. This program is about mental and physical optimization! This form of coaching helps client’s asses obstacles that are stopping each of us from reaching our goals. Approaching healthy lifestyle using a three-pronged approach which will lead you toward a well-rounded shift in subconscious programing.


Coaching includes

- Using journaling as a tool, you are prompted and prepared for our main check-in each week so we can celebrate wins and understand why, if we fell short and struggled, lets understand “why” and “how” I can support you more effectively.

- Access to more than 60 workout    execution videos that can be applied in ANY gym or at home:

weight, bodyweight movements, joint mobility and stretches included.

- Custom training programs based on a client’s specific preferences (Not everyone wants to train the same and shouldn’t have to.)

- My job is to find what will work with you!

- A variety of eating style options

- 4 Weeks of MEAL by MEAL planning with foods based on preferences and eversians.

- 8 Weeks of macro coaching so each client learns the basics of nutrition management.

- If the goal is intuitive eating, I teach clients what it looks like to do this work- It’s about being equip.

- Life is stressful. It only gets more stressful. We don’t change the world, we learn how to interface with the world.

The goal is to find a practice that a client can sustain.

- We use the "Waking Up" App

by Dr. Sam Harris to cultivate a meditation practice.

- I want to chase clients. I want you to be tired of me. ACCOUNTABILITY is the most important piece.

- Each client for the first 4 weeks will check in twice weekly to discuss wins, shortcomings, and understand the how and why for everything we do.

Customized Nutrition Program

Workout and Cardio program that will fit your schedule and fitness level












Journaling and Coaching

Through Emotional Intellect

Accountability in finding a stress management practice that fits you




Weekly check-ins via skype, facetime or phone call to check progress and obstacles impeding progress


I facilitate…I make space for my clients to learn and succeed. This is your work! My job is to equip you, keep you accountable and support you through making a breakthrough in your fitness/health and wellness life.

We all deserve a healthier life!

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Limited Run Tees

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"Eric Rias, can’t thank you enough for your guidance and inspiration during this 12 week journey of transformation as I enter my 40’s!

What stands out about Eric’s coaching is his fantastic ability to talk you through the tough times (ok dark times). Those days you think you should see a drop in weight and you actually gain! He calmly and positively explained what my body was going through and offered fantastic perspective. What was my alternative? To go back to what I was doing before? I already proved that wasn’t working! Now I’m so addicted to the process. He pushed me through those dark times. Here’s the stats I achieved in 12 weeks:

- 31.2 lbs LOST!
- 10.2% body fat LOST!

I’m only 14.6 lbs and 10% body fat away from my main goal! Thanks Eric!" 

-Dave K.


""When signing up for a personal trainer for the first time I was very apprehensive.  I knew it would be an investment in myself and my determination played a major part.  Eric took his time with me explaining everything in detail and provided me with options that suited my needs and lifestyle. I was impressed with his ability to easily transition me into my nutrition and fitness plan.  He has been very knowledgeable and easy to understand with everything he has taught me. No question goes unanswered and he also goes the extra mile to find me help outside of the gym for my lower back condition.  I've been working with him for the last 7 months, I've surpassed my goals and lost 50 lb. of fat and gained a solid amount of muscle. I'm an Satisfied client!"

-Josh M.




"Eric is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've ever talked to. Not only did he create a custom nutrition and exercise plan but he helped me achieve my goals all along the way. He motivated me to keep going and not lose sight of why I started. He also improved my mobility in my shoulder reducing the pained I've had for the last 6 years. I dropped 60 lb. and am now in the best shape of my life! I could not be happier. I highly recommend Eric no matter what stage of your fitness journey you are at."

-Zach N.



"The training and nutritional guidance I have received from Eric over the last year has been the most rewarding investment I have ever made in myself. I came to him to optimize the time I spend in the gym, lose fat, and gain muscle. I have never been so healthy, fit, and strong in my whole life! All of our work together is fun and customized specifically for my needs and goals. Eric always provides the right motivation when I need it to keep me progressing. I can honestly say that I have experienced a complete lifestyle change and feel more confident in the way I carry myself and approach new challenges (physical and otherwise). I presented some unique metabolic roadblocks that Eric met head on with a variety of nutritional approaches until we found what worked for me. The thing I appreciate most is that he is always as committed and invested in my success as I am."

-Merylee R.




"I've been working with Eric since January. My brother started his journey in November and I was sooo impressed with his results!  He decided to gift me some sessions and I was hooked! Eric is such a knowledgeable trainer and very motivational.  He worked with me to figure out a diet plan and once we got it dialed in the lbs started shedding.   He keeps me dedicated and picks me up when I try to slack off (I mean, I'm human its only natural). Ohhhhmg I'm so pleased with my results and this has been a life changer! Thank you Eric, I look forward to continuing this journey with you.  25 lbs down and working towards my goals!"

-Tamera M.




"I asked Eric to guide me for 8 weeks as I trained for an exhibition boxing match. My goal was to lose 15 pounds and I lost a little more than that. The best part of it is that, when pairing my training schedule with Eric’s nutrition guidance, I lost weight and gained muscle. When I felt depleted, Eric knew what to tweak in the program to alleviate the drain and maximize the gain. Eric is supportive, encouraging, and motivating. His attention to my nutrition and training goals kept me pushing through the program, even during the difficult periods. Though I have experience with training and nutrition, I would recommend Eric to anyone at any level of experience." 

-Alex R.

"Eric will elevate you and your thinking to a level of richness that allows for you to transcend the things holding you back from being your best self. He’s deeply invested in his clients and won’t be the transactional type who’s touch and go. You’ll be supported in all of the right ways; ways that may be at the actual root of your goal and not just surface level. 


Before working with Eric, I had been training with someone else for 3 or so months and quickly plateaued. Once I starting with everything Eric, everything changed. I lost 9 pounds -which is a lot given that I had already been training 4 to 5 days a week and have been a pretty competitive cross country runner and sprinter my entire life. His detail to my nutrition allowed for me to maximize my training. I’ve now learned how to maximize my nutrition so I’ve walked away with a new life skill and not just a new look. I’d work with Eric again in a heart beat and see him as an all star human being who is doing the good work. Don’t look further, Eric is it."

- Rafi

"Thank you Eric Rias for helping me & my husband these past few months! He has helped me lose 15 pounds in about 10 weeks! Me and my husband recently turned 40 and were sick of feeling sorry for ourselves. Eric gave us a solid plan and coached us through the ups and downs. I was impressed with how he responded differently to each of us, meeting us both where we were according to our different needs. I appreciated the attention to the emotional component of weight loss—he can give a helluva pep talk :-)when needed. I always appreciated his patience and kindness and his encouragement of mindfulness which I think is an important component of sustainable weight loss. He is also flexible and very open to feedback—he truly wants to help build healthy habits and lifestyle. PLUS—Me & my hottie slim husband looked slammin’ for our joint 40th birthday party :-) and I know we will take the habits into present life so we can continue to feel good! We weren’t sure if having a health coach would help us reach our goals, but I now believe it was THE thing that gave us the push needed to change after a decade of trying to get back to pre-baby weight! Thanks again Eric Rias!"

-Darcy K.

“My coach always had an idea to plan when I would hit walls. He would have a gentle way to hold you accountable and that approach made me want to stay on board and not give up. He never ridiculed or made me feel insecure it was always real advice for real life scenarios.”


I reflect back to all the moments I wanted to say f$&$ it ... and eat something not on my plan ... but felt a underlying feeling of confidence in the plan I was put on and the steady words of advice given each week. I would hear them in my head and I would remind myself how temporary pleasure can be and how long term health and wellness can be.


I feel awesome, I feel like I look like a fit person who works out! I’ve wanted to look like this for awhile because I would work so hard in the gym but had not yet mastered the food part


It’s awakening to see that I could make the changes and do what it took to remove the extra weight even while continuing to eat real food and feel satisfied."





San Diego, CA

Tel: 347 585 9283

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